MIL-MGMT offer a full range of Mastering, Mixing and other Studio services.

When you work with MIL-MGMT on your next release you’re working with a team of experts including our mastering engineers.

Our Studio team can provide Mastering, Mixing or anything in between. We have many many years of experience in our field and have worked on many big House and Techno records.  Specialising in club music and focusing on great sounding records that stand the test of the dance-floor. We can master for digital or for vinyl. Whatever the project, we can help you make it sound fantastic!

If you take a full MIL-MGMT Release Campaign for your record you will receive our EP (4 track) mastering services heavily subsidised within the base cost.

What is a master?

For us it is about taking your track and making it sound the best it can do for it’s final medium be it vinyl or digital. Doing that whilst retaining and bringing out the music and soul that you intended when writing it, we won’t stamp OUR SOUND all over it. We will carefully make your track sound fantastic and full whilst keeping it firmly your track.

How long will it take?

Usually we ask for three days to comfortably work on your project, but if you have special needs or deadlines we will chat about them when you first contact us. You will always know when to expect something back after the first time you speak to us.

Services Available

  • Mastering EPs and Albums
  • Mixdown and Stem Masters
  • Mastering to half track 1/4 tape.
  • Professional level dj-mix or compilation mastering.
  • Audio Restoration, Consultancy, Advice and other work is available on request

Some Music we have worked on.

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About our studio services.

Our head mastering engineer is Matt Sargeant who has 15+ years of experience in the music industry and has worked on many successful projects and records over the years. Hear more of his work in the soundcloud player above.

One of our core ideals is that we match your artistic intent, as with any creative process there should be a dialog between yourself and our engineer. MIL-MGMT is a personalised service, to get the best out of your music.

We have been a part of some very exciting projects with proven artists & labels gaining success with publications and companies such as Resident Adviser // Kiss FM // Mixmag // DJ Mag // 22 tracks // BBC Radio 1 // Deep house Amsterdam // Decoded Magazine and many more .