A. We are based SOLELY in the ELECTRONIC MUSIC INDUSTRY. Our skills and expertise are founded in this industry and thus this is where we are guaranteed to get the best results. This means indie bands etc really wouldn’t get the most out of our service. That said Electronic music covers a wide array from House, Techno to more Experimental or Ambient sounds, we are fully at home. If in doubt please just ask.

A. Contact us for prior discussion via our CONTACT US page or email us at [email protected] to discuss the type of package we can deliver for you, then if you’re happy head on over to our START CAMPAIGN NOW page, follow the drop boxes to combine the additional extras and options to form your personalised plan.

A. All tracks intended for submission should be submitted through our Campaign Submission form, this will be sent to you via email.

A. we can advise and put you in touch with people to speak to.

A. We will run the PR campaign for 6 weeks leading up to the release date to ensure complete coverage. For printed articles and mastering purposes we suggest submitting your full package well in advance.

A. For our  EP campaigns are a 4 weeks push done at least 6 weeks in advance of your release, and our double length LP campaigns take 10 weeks this way we always have extra time if your record needs it.

A.We can support you at every step, from inception to worldwide distribution. Contact us and we will assist you.

A. On payment we will begin to lock in a release date and prep towards that. Running through standard, or bespoke packages we will make your music sound fantastic, and deliver the release in the way your music deserves.

A. We have a small dedicated team running MIL-MGMT, fronted by Oli, Matt & Amy who between them also run various labels like Music is Love, NDV and others… Our mastering engineer Matt Sargeant who is highly sought after in the electronic music scene, he also works with a lot of big labels in the House and Techno scene.

A. To get in contact you can either email or fill in a contact form. All details are on the contact us page.